Is gitlab down

Is GitLab down right now?

GitLab having issues? Get the latest status for GitLab right now, here you will be see if gitlab is down, from the best sources

The official gitlab site dedicated to showing the status of the service in real time at all times is:

We continuously monitor and all its services. If there are any performance or service interruptions, an update will be posted here.

If this website shows that gitlab is down, it is a direct confirmation from the gitlab team itself and its official source.

This website dedicated to check gitlab status and report the status of gitlab, also maintains a history of incidents and eventualities experienced by the service, with which you can even know if gitlab was down. Otherwise, if it says that its systems and services are operational, we must look for the error or failure on our side.

In this history you can even filter by type of service such as the website, API, GIT Operations, CI/CD, GitLab Pages, among others…

is Gitlab Down on Twitter?

Exist a twitter account dedicate to follow updates about the status of, this are automated by gitlab plataform for generate a chack status updates about downs, incidents, errors or intermittences. A quick signal of gitlab on twitter is @gitlabstatus

is Gitlab Down?

If we experience difficulty in using gitlab, it is best to rule out that the platform itself is experiencing failures, and if not, check well what we are doing wrong or have a problem ourselves.

If gitlab is down, leave us in the comments from what country, date and time you’re please, it will be of benefit to all of us.

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