git remote add

Git remote add on GitLab, change repository source

To change the origin of our git repository, we must use the git remote add command, which will allow us to add a new repository from which to perform the clone, pull and push operations. Now we need know how to add a new remote to your git repository.

The git remote add command contains two arguments that we need to know about:

  • A unique remote name, for example, «my_software_repo_git»
  • A remote URL, which you can find on the clone button of your gitlab repository

To add a new remote repo, you must use the git remote add command on the terminal, in the directory your repository is stored at.

cd sistemaxyz/

git remote -v

git remote set-url origin

To change repository origin #GIT Ideal for example if they clone a project via https but after days they no longer want to continue placing the key (ssh-key) for each operation

cd sistemaxyz/

git remote -v git remote set-url origin

The git remote set-url origin will replace your https-based repo with the ssh-based one, in the example using gitlab. If you don’t have the ssh key created, create it with ssh-keygen, copy the value from: .ssh/ (for linux users) and put it in your gitlab account -> preferences -> SSH keys

With the command git remote -v we can see the remote origins that your Git repository has

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